Talent Central is about bringing our talent together for the benefit of our region.

Our region has enormously talented people, ready to apply their skills and ambition within businesses. Equally, the region has incredibly talented businesspeople, delivering market-leading products and services locally, nationally and internationally. We know that success across the region depends on those talented people coming together: which is what Talent Central is all about!

‘Where talent comes together’

Talent Central also works closely with the Central Region Skills Hub to enable people to become employable, through accessing the right training and skills.
We are keen to link ‘opportunities for talent’ with ‘talent looking for opportunities’.

What success will look like

  • A prosperous and growing region, where our supply of talent meets our demand for talent
  • Better informed individuals as to what work is ‘out there’ and what their ‘work-ready self’ means, in order to become employable
  • A pipeline of work-ready youth with the right attitude for youth-ready employers with the right culture
  • Employers thriving with the right people delivering the right outcomes
  • A region that is pumping!